Forgiving sidekicks for finicky windowsills

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Sometimes you need an unfussy plant. One that thrives on inevitable pruning and embraces its role in spicing up meals and taking up little mental space.

Thankfully several exist, and though they are indeed “unfussy,” here are a few tips to make your experience with them particularly rewarding.


People say that, but do they mean it?

Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

Yes… Yes, they do.

You had the vision. You had the outline, or, at least, some mental semblance of one (hello, fellow pantser!). It all flowed perfectly in your mind, and the words came out with ease. I can do this every day! You thought. Five thousand words is easy!

Then… The wall.

You have a green thumb, you just don’t know it

Image by Ulrike Leone from Pixabay

Houseplant enthusiasts are weirdly ecstatic about a very passive activity.

You should have seen the time I came across a fellow enthusiast in the wild. You would have thought we were talking about traveling the world or the newest movie that came out — not how easy spider plants are to propagate.

I will admit, I have bombarded a few too many unsuspecting victims with unwanted gardening knowledge. It’s not just that I’m passionate about plants (though that is a large part), but I strongly feel that anyone can keep a plant alive. …

We need mind-numbing, chill, and uplifting television to get us through these garbage times

There’s nothing wrong with occasionally checking-out of the pandemic status. You can only live in the mental dumpster for so long before your head explodes.

I repeat. You can definitely ignore the world sometimes. Or all the time. I’m not going to tell you how to live your life.

But I will tell you that there are some not-so-known and forgotten about shows that will make it way easier to forget that the world is burning and we’re all going to die someday.

So let’s get on with the forgetting…

I’ll start by letting you know that Netflix’s The Tiger…

We have the tools to stay connected, but we are using them to isolate ourselves

Photo: Free-Photos /

Have you ever been inspired by an Instagram post? Someone with a perfect body and a perfect face poses in front of a place that doesn’t even look real. You think of how badly you want to be there, and on a subconscious level (and maybe even a conscious one), you’re really wishing you could be them.

Or maybe someone posts a picture of their flawless cake, and it reminds you how much you love baking. You eventually get yourself to do the same, but…

Holly Howard

Writer/Guitarist/Audio Engineer in ATX. Avid anti-gatekeeper and self-reflectionist.

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